A Fiction Book about Healthcare

A novel that takes a new look at some of health care nightmares: This is a second novel for Marion A Stahl. She brings readers into an unknown zone of the medical and legal system.

In “The Monster Chase the author presents a young woman who is pregnant and unable to find a doctor to deliver her third baby.  She also finds out that her beloved physician, Dr Quaile, has disappeared. As she is researching the reason for the disappearance, she is confronted with a series of real-life intrigues and discovers crucial information that explains the shortage of doctors she is facing.

This book represents a fictional story, but is based on current events. It is touching on some of the serious issues the United States is facing with medical and legal issues.

This book is intended to be an easy read but is educative and well researched. The author illustrates in the story these two known legal phenomenons:  1) The Rashmonon Effect or the effect of the subjectivity of perception and recollection by an observer of an event. Each viewer can produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of that event. 2) The famous mass hysteria illustrated in the Salem Witch Trial and its wide-spread tragedy. Ms Stahl illustrates in this novel how these phenomenons may be very present today in our judicial system.

This book addresses Health CareCivil Rights, our legal system and on becoming a doctor today. Is our justice system doing a reasonable job with doctors? The story written by Marion A Stahl will unravel details and flaws in due process, hearings, and legal intricacies that can lead to injustice. These errors may have had a stronger impact on the availability of providers today, then we realize.

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ISBN/EAN13: 1450544193 / 9781450544191


Marion A Stahl 276 pp, also digital
“The Monster Chase”
Pub date: June 1st, 2012.
BISAC/Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Medical/Legal
Black Elephant Publishing