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“After reading this book, one yearns for solutions.”

AMonsterChase-FullCover4 (1)Synopsis:

A young journalist, Anna Vitiello, confronted with the shortage of providers investigates the disappearance of a physician she had known.


  1. Does punishing resolve our healthcare financial crisis or aggravates shortages of doctors?
  2. Is our justice system broken?
  3. Are abuses of power, prosecutorial misconducts, judicial oversights resulting in wrongful convictions and gracing perpetrators?


  • “We thank you for bringing attention to this serious and growing problem.” Jane M. Orient, Executive Director, AAPS -American Association of Physicians & Surgeons.
  • “A book worth reading: This story is especially timely now that the health care reform is being implemented… Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow, Health Care, Cato Institute.
  • “The Monster Chase explores several issues facing healthcare professionals” D. McCorry, Health Policy Research at The Heritage Foundation, George Town University School of Medicine.
  • “Timely for the current health care debate.” Elgon B. Williams, Florida, Purdue University, Radio and Television Production.
  • “Few books have captured my attention like ‘The Monster Chase’ did.” David MacDonald, co-founder of Simple Care, and President of Liberty Health.
  • “Great read, on both sides of the examination table..” Kevin Sirmons, Minnesota, Medical Director, NAEMSE, NREMT, AAFP, American Academy of Family Practice.