How much did you know about this before you wrote this book?

As I have written other articles or manual in health care for others, I had an idea that there is something going on in health care that went beyond appearances and wanted to write about the subject.

I investigated many cases and chose a combination of cases to write the book. It took a lot of research and background to make it real.

How does your husband and peers feel about you writing this book?

Most are proud of my writing this book, but of course you also have odd ones who don’t like to disturb the comfort of what they have heard and would like to believe. Others are puzzled. I have no base to believe that this is real. However, I wanted to bring a thought-provoking story to steer some thought process into how to address these issues.

Could you share a few words about how you wrote this book and the process?

I knew I wanted to write a story, but did not know where to start. When I started, I was surprised to find out that my characters became real to me. It was as if they became a live in the process. I literally could not stop writing, almost, strangely enough, as if some one was dictating the script. If there is something as a “Genie” it almost felt as if I had one. But, I do believe in the magic of life. Ever you ever started doing something you did not know y could do, and wondered where y had learned it?

First I wrote the main story, than I went back and relived it again and again adding, colors sounds, other people or animals, birds etc. the process to me is like painting in a away.

Who are your favorite authors?

I like authors who bring a story with something I can learn. In that style, Jodi Picoult has a great ability to bring us inside the lives of people dealing with various issues.

Do you have any recommended reading on this subject?

If you are interested in this topic I have listed a few sources of interest.

Recommended readings:

Report of the Board of Trustees of the AMA Board of Trustees Report 27 (I-97)

“HIPAA and the Criminalization of American Medicine” Journal Article by Grace-Marie Turner; The Cato Journal, Vol. 22, 2002

Criminalization of Medicine by Ronald T. Libby  or America’s War on Doctors.

The Criminalization of Almost Everything, by Harvey Silvergate. Cato Institute.

In the Name of Justice. Timothy Lynch. Leading experts reexamine the classic article “The Aims of the Criminal Law” by Henry M. Hart

Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, by Harvey A. Silverglate


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