Is the main character Anna based on someone you know?

I made Anna up also from young women I have known and stories I have heard.

Dr. Quaile?

Dr. Quaile is also a made-up character. She is a combination of cases I have read about.

The Judge?

I wanted the judge to be sort of a good guy who was blinded by circumstances. He is also a made up person.

The Prosecutor?

The prosecutor is portrayed as a bad guy. Someone had to be the villain blind to his own personal achievement and issues. It is, in a way, my personal believe that the legal profession needs to be aware of the damage their own power can cause.

The patients?

I hope that the individual portrayed are rare. However, for my research, it seems that we are under estimated the financial losses due to petty larceny caused by unscrupulous people as well as more though out schemes.

From my research, it seems that there is not enough protection and or resources for the profession to stop that. Conversely, at a larger scale this may account for a lot more losses than we realize. I am sure that it is a harder task and the results may not as directly lucrative. Going after doctors because they have, a perceived deep pocket, is wrong and unjust. Especially in the case of Dr Quaile, who may represent a majority of primary care physician, she apparently wasn’t paid adequately.

If one was to analyze it further, it is sort of organize crime against innocent victims. Doctors should receive more assistance in addressing these issues. Obviously, Dr. Quaile was extremely diligent about it but still fell victim despite all the efforts she devised and exerted in an area of medicine where one sees the potential risk, especially with worker’s compensation claims. Her office is very involved in one aspect of fraud but blindsided from another, and has no one to really turn to. Apparently the malpractice attorney seemed to actually have made things worse, rather than protecting the doctor. (Cont)

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