An Interview with the Author

What was the inspiration that made you write your latest book?

What inspires me to write the book is what Anna Vitiello discovers in her search for a doctor she needs.  As I have researched the topic, I am afraid that the profession is suffering an undue burden. While, I realize that the profession is not without some bad apple, I am attempting to show the danger of taking people as scapegoats. That it will cause a crisis far worse than financial.

Why did you write this story?

The story is to bring the reader to take a closer look and see where we may have gone wrong as well as illustrate the destructive power of misapplied justice in our economic crisis. It seems as if again and again, we repeat the same pattern. To mention only a few, the Hysteria of the Witch of Salem was based on difficult time. The German Nazi regime than killed 6 million Jews, never resolved any of those situations but created shameful acts that will be for ever present and ridden with disgrace. While, I do not deny that some abuse has occurred in the medical, profession, I am afraid that there are many stories out there of physicians being persecuted wrongfully. The witch-hunt also has caused mistrust in the profession that is hurting every physician, has disgraced the profession rather than improved it. In what I have observed, I am not sure the approach is working. Something is wrong. I am afraid that one day this will have taken a proportion that we will remember in the same shameful way we now remember Salem and the Nazi regime.  (Cont)

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